1. Book a show through

Phone and make an appointment to visit the Centre for a show-through. This gives families a more personal, one on one opportunity to ask questions about the Centre as well as share information about their child/ren.

2. Complete enrolment forms

Prior to commencing the child’s first day, the Centre is required to have all enrolment paperwork completed and received. This is not negotiable.

3. Get orientated

Each newly enrolled child is offered sessions for orientation. These times are a pre-settling in times, where both the families and children have the opportunity to meet educators. Educators will monitor how your child settles and will communicate whether further orientation is required prior to commencing care.

4. Get Settled In

When settling in families are encouraged to stay for as long as they need & when they are ready to go, we encourage families to say “Goodbye” confidently as they leave. We encourage children to have a comfort item from home if they wish, as this allows them to have something secure and familiar to hold on to.

5. Get in contact

Once your child begins care, families are encouraged to contact the Centre during the day if they wish to see how their child is settling.

6. Talk to educators

Ensure time is given at the end of the day to communicate with educators about how your child’s settling in process is going.