• natural
  • wholesome
  • fundamental
  • Holistic Approach to Learning & Wellbeing
    Organic Nourishment & Environment
    High Quality Team with Extensive Experience

    Welcome to Torquay's only boutique Early Learning Centre, where we are offering the community a high quality alternative early education and care service.

    Little Groms Early Learning is a boutique early learning centre in the heart of Torquay. We care for and educate up to 30 children per day from the ages of 6 weeks to school age. Our team of qualified educators have a passion for, and a vision in, a holistic approach toward your child’s health and wellbeing by integrating the promotion of healthy lifestyles into our learning program and within our teaching pedagogies. We believe in nourishing little bodies with rich organic produce, teamed with alternative and innovative physical activity within a chemically free and environmentally sustainable environment where siblings play together.


    Our Learning Environment

    Our early learning environment values, supports and allows for children to play alongside their siblings and peers of various ages, as children mimic and learn from one another and do so most effectively through play. Furthermore, multi-age play promotes the development of patience, tolerance and empathy whilst facilitating co-operative and shared learning, with a proven outcome of significantly enhanced language, social and cognitive development. Little Groms learning environment promotes sibling play so children can support each other’s development, share life experiences and grow together. Read More