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At Little Groms Early Learning we have a passion for, and a vision in, a holistic approach toward your child’s health and wellbeing by integrating the promotion of healthy lifestyles into our learning program and within our teaching pedagogies. We believe in nourishing little bodies with rich organic produce, teamed with alternative and innovative physical activity within a chemically free and environmentally sustainable environment where siblings play together.

Sibling & Peer Play

Our early learning environment values, supports and allows for children to play alongside their siblings and peers of various ages, as children mimic and learn from one another and do so most effectively through play. Furthermore, multi-age play promotes the development of patience, tolerance and empathy whilst facilitating co-operative and shared learning, with a proven outcome of significantly enhanced language, social and cognitive development. Little Groms learning environment promotes sibling play so children can support each other’s development, share life experiences and grow together.

Health, Wellbeing & Nutrition

Little Groms core values include providing the children with the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills to lead an active and healthy lifestyle enabling children to grow physically and mentally healthy. Healthy eating is valued and promoted through our learning experiences and teaching strategies. Our fruit and vegetable produce is exclusively organic and locally grown and is constantly accessible to our children, offered through a juice station, smoothie bar and a self-select arrangement, paired with our permanent alkalised water station.

Physical activity is a vital component of leading a happy and healthy lifestyle, here at Little Groms we integrate innovative and contemporary physical activity experiences for our children within our learning program and environment, including yoga, alongside opportunities to directly interact physically with our local natural environment.

The Little Groms environment is chemical free to support a safer and healthier learning environment, acknowledging the negative and detrimental effects chemicals has on the health of our children, families and planet, we want to provide our children with the environment, skills and knowledge to be active citizens for a healthier and more sustainable future.

The Learning Environment

The learning environment and educational program at Little Groms adopts a multi-disciplinary approach, the environment consists of learning experiences that are engaging, responsive to individual interests and dispositions, and encompass the use of natural resources. Our teaching pedagogies will facilitate a learning environment that stimulates, scaffolds and provokes thinking and learning through open ended play and group project based learning experiences. We endeavour to instil in our children, a positive attitude and strong disposition toward learning.

Children should be provided the time to ‘be and learn’ at a natural and individual pace, without the pressure of time limits, tests and unrealistic adult set expectations. At Little Groms all children will be supported to take ample time, space and materials to eat, sleep, play, converse, decide, investigate, explore and inquire so as they can fulfil their needs and reach their full potential.

Our educational program supports and guides our children in reaching the learning outcomes set as expectations within the National curriculum; The Early Years Learning Framework (DEEWR 2009), and The Victorian Early Years Learning Development Framework (DET 2016), both fostering children’s learning and wellbeing, Little Groms is also guided by the following principles that underpin both frameworks;

  • Secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships.
  • Partnerships with families.
  • High expectations and equity.
  • Respect for diversity.
  • Ongoing learning and reflective practice.

Natural resources and environmental sustainability are important components of Little Groms values, we embrace and promote upcycling, recycling, eco-friendly products, sustainably made furniture and interacting with, and learning from, our natural environment. Little Groms will provide our children with the opportunity to be active participants within their natural surroundings, and support the bond that they will build with their environment so they can be observant, protective and prepared to grow from children into respectful, healthy and active citizens.

Our learning environment embraces the local Wadawurrung Indigenous Culture, providing continual opportunities for the children to gain knowledge and insight into Aboriginal Culture. Cultural awareness needs to be supported during our children’s early years to promote a generation of culturally aware, respectful and competent children, in hope of future eradication of inequality and racism. Little Groms does this respectfully and with meaning through providing relevant and authentic learning experiences and opportunities that provide our children with real experiences that help shape their knowledge, awareness and respect of the Indigenous Culture.

Our Little Learners

Little Groms Early Learning is focused on ensuring that each child can reach their full potential whilst embarking on their own individual learning journey regardless of background, gender, ethnicity or social status. We advocate the rights of every child in accordance with the Early Childhood Code of Ethics and (2016) and the United Nations Rights of the Child (1989), ensuring that they can have equal access and exposure to, an inclusive environment where their voices are heard, they are treated equally, and feel safe, secure and respected.

Nurturing, educating and nourishing the mind, body & spirit of children in the early years

– This is Little Groms Early Learning.