Kindergarten Program


Little Groms Kindergarten Program currently caters for up to 15 children between 3 and 5 years of age, facilitated by a team of Teachers with a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education Degree. We are now in the process of renovating the premises next door which will evolve into our new 22 place government funded Kindergarten Campus scheduled to begin operation term 1 in 2019.

Understanding and acknowledging the demand for our Kindergarten Program has driven us to cater for our community by creating an extra kinder exclusive place for our children. Our Kinder Campus will operate very similar to our current service, offering a structured but flexible kindergarten program with the added benefit of flexible long day care hours. The Kinder children will not loose the benefit of Little Groms Sibling play, as the flexibility between buildings can be shaped according to the children’s desires.

A holistic approach to early childhood education and care is the forefront of our service delivery and philosophy. We believe that in order for a child to be successful, they need an environment that is nurturing of not only their cognitive development, but more importantly their body, mind and spirit. At Little Groms we nurture the holistic child through a chemical free, organic and mindfulness environment.

Educational Program

The learning environment and educational program at Little Groms adopts a multi-disciplinary approach that is inspired by the works of Reggio Emilia, whilst interweaving the Victorian Framework (VEYLDF) and the Aboriginal 8 Ways of Learning (A8WOL) overarching a strong foundation of health, wellbeing and mindfulness. Our learning environment is stimulating, scaffolding and provokes thinking and learning through open ended play and group project-based learning experiences.

In line with our philosophy (please see bottom of page for link) we embrace and acknowledge the Wadawurrung people of the Kulin Nation as the traditional owners of the land in which we teach, learn and play. We embrace natural resources and sustainability within our learning environment and program and strive to actively educate and provide experiences for our children to wonder, discover and learn about Aboriginal Culture. Beach and Bush kinder heavily influence our learning program, taking the children on journeys of discovery 3-4 times a week to our local community bush reserves and beach fronts to form additional outdoor classrooms.

Forming relationships within a child’s community to form that sense of belonging is very important in the early years. In order to support our little learners, and to connect with our community, we include regular community outings and excursions into our program. These include, but are not limited to, regular visits to Ocean Mist Retirement Village, Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre, Queenscliff Discovery Centre, Urban Upcycle and local parks and community centres. We LOVE to discover and investigate on our local community walks which can take us to a variety of places, the library, post office, whole food supermarkets and peaches, the possibilities are endless!

It is important to understand that at Little Groms, our educational program is child centred and utilises a child-directed and experiential learning environment that is relationship driven and supported.

Transition to School

Transitions for any ages, including adults, can be a difficult time and may bring about uncertainty, confusion and can be somewhat overwhelming. Little Groms has a transition to school policy that ensures we support our children and families through one of the toughest periods of time in a child’s life. A positive start to formal schooling will lead to better learning and wellbeing outcomes for your child, both during the transition period and throughout their primary school journey and beyond. ‘A smooth transition helps to support your child’s continuity of learning and development and supports them to feel secure, confident and connected to new people and places’ (DET 2018).

Little Groms supports our children’s transition to school by providing opportunities to participate in transition to school programs and activities that will help both the child, and their family, to get a better understanding of what school is like, also making new connections and relationships with peers and their families. We network closely with our surrounding schools to ensure we have transparent, respectful and networking relationships to continue to offer support to our children and families. Our learning program at Little Groms, during the year directly before school, is designed and facilitated to ensure your child is ‘ready for school’. We provide a learning environment that fosters independence, supports social and emotional skills, enhances the development of physical skills and provides the children with the opportunities to engage in numeracy and literacy experiences through enquiry and research-based projects.

Toward the end of the year, our Kindergarten Teachers will involve you in the ‘Transition Learning and Development Statement’ process. This involves the Kindergarten Teacher creating a report type document in consultation with parents to provide to the school, acting as an extra vehicle of information sharing throughout the transition process. Our aim is to make Transition to School a seamless, smooth and enjoyable one for all that are involved.